Russian Far East metal band formed in 2008 (location since 2012 — Saint-Petesburg, RU) From the beginning of its activity band relied on technical music stuff and powerfull sound, so the first album named «Victim Of The Evolution» (2015) released on top russian extreme metal label — is а tough result with deserved sucsess, based on good feedback from the metal magazines, communities and fast-growing and active fanbase.

After blasting their debut full-lenght «THE NOMAD» performing live acts on international metal-festivals in Russia and Europe venues during 2016-2017:

  • «Metal Crowd Open Air» (BLR)

  • «Blackened Life Metal Festival» (RU)

  • «Tuska Torstai Open Air Metal Festival» (FIN)

  • «Metal United World Wide Festival» (EE)

  • «S-Petersburg Extreme Headbangers Meeting» (RU)

and form their first European tour «Autumn Faceless Rites Tour»

In between of touring, THE NOMAD give hot-support acts for world-known metal mastodons such as «VADER», «DEATH», «TRIVIUM», «I AM MORBID», «SURVIVE», «CHILDREN OF BODOM» and got unique experience from participation in ALEXI LAIHO’S international guitar project «100 Guitars From Hell» (the only russian project member is Dmitrii Kondratev — THE NOMAD frontman) besides that band regularly creates content for social media, shoots official videos and backstage reports for promoting music sfuff worldwide!

In 2018 band released the second LP «From The Dead… To The Living», which was warmly received and brought THE NOMAD to a new technical and musical level — support show for this album in Saint-Petersburg gathered an impressive crowd of metal fans and at the same time, following gigs in other areas (including Baltic Sea tour-section with the japanese band «Saber Tiger») increased band’s fanbase and gave new opportunities! By the way, a well-known Finnish musician Antti Wirman («WARMEN», «KING COMPANY», ex-«CHILDREN OF BODOM») recorded the guitar solo for the track «Simulated Brain». At the end of 2018, the band released another single titled «Frozen Monuments».

At the beginning of 2019, the band performed with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, also won the competition and got the opportunity to perform at the SaariHelvetti metal festival (FIN). In the fall, nomads go on a European tour «EASTERN DEATH INVASION TOUR».


  • 2010 — «Mortal Circle Of War» / Demo EP
  • 2012 — «Faceless» / Single
  • 2015 — «Victim Of The Evolution» / LP

  • 2018 — «War Against Pain» / Single
  • 2018 — «From The Dead… To The Living» / LP
  • 2018 — «Frozen Monuments» / Single